Lo que aún tenemos que hablar / What we still have to talk about.

Installation composed by sculpture and photo. 
Cast of the wall of a church in Barcelona, still scarred by shots and shrapnel of the Spanish Civil War (1936-39).

Resin. 2x3 meters.

Photo 35x25cm

Original wall at San Felipe Neri Square, Barcelona

The wall was damage during the facist bomings of Barcelona, on the last months of the Spanish Civil War.

Family archive: 
I. The days following the military uprising of 1936. As a soldier of the Nationalist faction, my grandfather ask to be photographed as he was walking to the front-line.

II. 20th November 1975. The Dictator Francisco Franco dies. My father is photographed celebrating the dead of the Dictator.

My grandfather was a photoenthusiastic: with a small camera he documented his way through the National Front as a soldier. 

Ramthomly, a portrait that he asked to be taken of him on the first days of the war had been misplaces near a set of photos of my father´s youth, coinciding with one image in which my father is celebrating the death of the dictator Francisco Franco, 11 of november 1975.

Nowadays, Spain is the second country in the world with more missing or identified people. From the Spanish Civil War period (1936-1939) there an estimate of 114,226 people still buried in mass graves all around the Spanish territory.