The putschists
Intervention on public space.

In Spain, The dictatorship impose by General Franco lasted until 1977 and since then the sympathy with the military regime has remain through monuments, symbols, concessions and privileges for those who participated in it. The revision of the historical period has always being made by those who won the Spanish Civil War.

The law “Ley the la Memoria Histórica” declares that the state should apply measures in favour of those who have suffer persecution or violence during the dictatorship period. Today, most of the Spanish political structure pays respect to the ideological principals of the old regime, and therefore all possible impediments have been made for this Law not to be applied. Hardly any change have been made.

Only in Madrid, around 160 streets are named after people involve with the fascist ideology or with the military regime.

In 2018, the council of Madrid did remove all the plaques related to Spain Facist´s past.