In England, the Bristish Royal Family is presence in most aspect of everyday life, from the Royal logo stampted into biscuit´s packages to names of streets and monuments. In other to become a British Citizen, you have to swear loyalty to the Queen. 

In other to find ways to revert the Oath, with the collaboration of lawyers and legal assistance we seeked ways in which to respond to it, with a counter document that could allow citizents to resign from this imposed simbolic responsability. The fist thing we found out is that there were not places where the loyalty to the Royal family could be withdrawn.  

In this scenario, the work Oath of Alliance was sworn in London´s Royal College of Art in 2014, functioning both as a performance and as a symbolic gesture of civil disobedience. The document itself, is an official statutory declaration of non-obedience to the Royal authority that anyone can download and subscribe in front a solicitor, following the limited rules that are available for a citizent to communicate with the State.