In the service of vision 
Chile 2019 - 2020

In the Service of Vision is a series of riot shields with mirrored surfaces, designed to be used in protests for pro human rights and a more equalitarian society.

This series was created during the social outbreak in Chile and distributed among “front line” protesters, who are volunteers whose mission is to protect the demonstration by creating a barrier between Chilean police brutality and peaceful protesters. The shields confront aggressors with their own reflection whilst serving as a form of camouflage to the protesters that use them. More importantly, the use of the reflection of the light of the sun becomes a tool, al- lowing protesters to dazzle police, stopping police brutality without the use of violence and only using light.


By reflecting the light of the sun onto the mirrored surface, the reflection is an intangible weapon, and it unable anyone to get near it.


Beyond the functionality of the object, In the Service of Vision refers to the myth of Medusa in which Perseus, after cutting off her head (which had the power of turning into stone all who looked upon it) gave it to Athena, who fixed it on her shield.

In the service of vision was possible thanks to a collab- oration with a network of local protesters and activists.
It connects to all the current protest in the world where neoliberal policies are affecting the life, the bodies and the emotional state of people.

Each mirrowed shield in the gallery has its double that is activated in the protest. 

A small action camera has been inserted in one of the shields, documenting the protest from the point of view of the shield. Shot at 120fps, the result is a slow motion video of the protest, where mainly the hands of protesters can be seen while carrying stones, slingshot and other weapons and confronting the police.

It gives an immersive feel of the front line.