Display at solo show "The distance between us" at Sala de Arte Joven de la Comunidad de Madrid. 2018.

'Architectures of intimidation', is a series of sculptures made from collecting different models of spikes, dated from the 50´s to the ones used nowadays. For the installation, the spikes are transformed into vertical sculptures. For the Solo Show "The distance between us" the series was undestood as an installation, alongside other works that you can see here

In England, as well as other north European countries, there is the tradition of ornamenting the spikes over fences and camouflaging them into shapes that resemble organic forms.

The shapes used in spikes and fences have changed through history, providing a formal overview of the architectures used between private properties. Somehow, these methods of separating the land and the efforts of keeping potential trespassers away, reflect how the 'other' is imagined.

'Architectures of intimidation' is part of a longer-term project around borders, on how they are physically constructed as well as how they are imagined and affected by ideology. Previous works on these series are The distance between us (2018) and Conversations (2016).

Originally displayed horizontally over a fence, these spikes were regulated so they can only be placed height of 2 meters, avoiding any possible accident. The only way to see properly these shapes is by trying to climb over the fences.